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How to order a car from the USA expensive and rich, battered, without keys

Do not read the contract and sign all the papers without looking — you work with specialists
If, nevertheless, you have opened a contract, do not look there for obligations for the delivery of a car. "Consulting services" is, of course, a reliable formulation so that tax authorities sticks to nothing
In no case do not fix the price in the documents — what if the dollar drops or customs clearance is cheaper, and you have to overpay?
Do not check the cost of services in calculators and other companies — if their price is cheaper, they obviously work through dirty schemes
Conduct all communication by phone and do not keep correspondence — who needs these formalities?
Pay all bills, even if they are from different unknown enterprises — you look, the delivery company does not even add up commissions!
"Foreign" insurance is not needed — it is expensive, you still have to issue everything anew after delivery of the car
Do not worry if delivery is delayed for a month or a month and a half: the ship with your car could get stuck somewhere, like Ever Given
And most importantly: repair a car on a turnkey basis at a service station linked to the delivery company — they know exactly how to fix everything quickly and without overpayment

Councils were prepared by #conflictqueen Kseniya Prokonova and #alittleolderpartner Roman Lykhodid specially for