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Conflict between Alfa-Bank and Finik.Pro

Roman Lykhodid, Managing Partner at Conflict Lawyers, commented on the litigation between Alfa-Bank and the developers of the OK, Alfa! Service for

What's the matter: IT company Finik.Pro started working on a prototype of online banking in January 2018, and the bank was happy with everything — until a new general manager came.
Since March 2020, constructive comments from the management have changed to dissatisfaction with the design and functionality without specific complaints.
Further — more: Alfa-Bank refused to pay at all, while continuing to use the service.

Finik.Pro responded with lawsuits for UAH 13 million and public press releases.
Now everyone has prepared popcorn in anticipation of the results of the examination: it will show whether the developers have gone beyond the agreed amount of work.

“You can order a banquet and delve into what kind of metal the cutlery is made of, or you can order it “to make it beautiful”. If you don't like silver, they exchange it for golden ones, even when you are eating.

If the examination confirms that Finik.Pro followed the agreement, Alfa-Bank will have to pay — and the Supreme Court will take the side of the developers,” notes Roman Lykhodid.